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I have collected certain of my posts and links here for easy access for those who are studying, or just interested in learning more about, Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. I will be adding to this page as I add posts and information to this website.

About Jane Austen

About Jane Austen & this Website

Mansfield Park

My Favorite Novel

My Copy of Mansfield Park

Austin Dobson’s Introduction to Mansfield Park

Characters in Mansfield Park

Character Sketches, Part I: Fanny Price, The Bertrams & Norrises.

Character Sketches, Part II: The Prices.

Character Sketches, Part III: The Grants & Crawfords; The Rushworths & Mr. Yates.

Character Sketches, Part IV: Other Characters.

Fanny Price: Anne Elliot and Fanny Price; Purpose and Manner; His Mother Called Me “Fanny”; Why Did Fanny Reject Mr. Crawford; Contrasting Upbringings. See also the ‘Friend of Fanny Posts’ below.

Edmund Bertram: What Attracted Mary to Edmund?

Mary Crawford: Contrasting Upbringings; What Attracted Mary to Edmund?Sometimes How Quick to Feel!; The Case Against Mary Crawford, Part I; The Case Against Mary Crawford, Part II, This Is What the World Does.

Henry Crawford: A Cheat; Why Did Fanny Reject Mr. Crawford.

Sir Thomas Bertram: Sir Thomas Bertram & Mr. Bennet; Sir Thomas Bertram & Mr. Bennet, Part II.

Mrs. Norris, Lady Bertram, Mrs. Price: The Beginning.

The Play: Lovers’ Vows

We Mean Nothing But a Little Amusement

Literary Allusions in Mansfield Park

Blair’s Sermons

Address to Tobacco

Dr. Johnson’s Celebrated Judgment

The Pleasing Plague

A Very Nice Dictionary

Book and Movie Reviews

A Review of Edmund Bertram’s Diary

Judging a DVD by Its Cover: A short comparison of three different versions of ‘Mansfield Park’.

By a Lady: Links to Sense and Sensibility-related reviews.

Friend of Fanny Posts

Friend of Fanny: Austenprose

Friend of Fanny: Ashton Dennis

Friend of Fanny: Richard Jenkyns

Other Information

The text of Mansfield Park, by Jane Austen.

Information on the various movie versions of Mansfield Park.

The Costumes in the 1983 version of ‘Mansfield Park’.

A page of Links to other websites (this page has links to lots of information on Mansfield Park, including Jane Austen’s collected comments on her novel, chronologies of the novel, a genealogy of the characters, &c.).

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