Jane Austen Postage

1975 Mansfield Park postageIn 1975, to mark the bicentenary of Jane Austen’s birth (December 16, 1775), Royal Mail issued a set of four stamps, featuring characters from four of Jane Austen’s novels. One of these is an illustration of the charming antiheroes Mary and Henry Crawford from Mansfield Park.

1975 Jane Austen postage 1 Emma 1975 Jane Austen postage 2 Northanger Abbey 1975 Jane Austen postage 3 Pride and Prejudice 1975 Jane Austen postage 4 Mansfield Park

(Austenprose has some informative posts on the subject: Jane Goes Postal, Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, and a Wrap Party.)

2013 Mansfield Park postageThen, in 2013, coinciding with the bicentenary of the publication of Pride and Prejudice, another set of Jane Austen stamps was issued, this time a set of six, featuring scenes from all of Jane Austen’s completed novels. The stamp featuring Mansfield Park is of Fanny Price and appears to be illustrating this scene from the novel: “Too soon did she find herself at the drawing-room door; and after pausing a moment for what she knew would not come, for a courage which the outside of no door had ever supplied to her, she turned the lock in desperation, and the lights of the drawing-room, and all the collected family, were before her.” (Chapter 19)

2013 Jane Austen postage 1 Sense and Sensibility 2013 Jane Austen postage 2 Pride and Prejudice 2013 Jane Austen postage 3 Mansfield Park 2013 Jane Austen postage 4 Emma 2013 Jane Austen postage 5 Northanger Abbey 2013 Jane Austen postage 6 Persuasion

(Some information about this set can be found at The British Postal Museum & Archive and at Jane Austen’s World.)


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