Reused Costumes – 1983

Several of the costumes from the 1983 miniseries ‘Mansfield Park’ have been reused in or from other productions. Here is a list I’ve collected from and

Fanny’s riding jacket is worn by a London extra in ‘The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby’ (2001).

1 Fanny's riding outfit 1 1 Fanny's riding outfit 2 1 Fanny's riding outfit 3

The white and blue muslin day dress Maria Bertram wears is worn by Allie Byrne as Lady Kiely in ‘Sharpe’s Battle’ (1995) and by Felicity Jones as Catherine Morland while reading in Bath in ‘Northanger Abbey’ (2007).

2 Maria's white muslin dress 1 2 Maria's white muslin dress 2 2 Maria's white muslin dress 3

Original images credited to ladybluelake at livejournal 2 Northanger Abbey 2 2 Northanger Abbey 3

The lavender gown with shear sleeves worn by Julia Bertram to the Southerton ball is worn by a guest at the London ball in ‘Poldark’ (1996) and by a guest at the Netherfield Ball in ‘Pride and Prejudice’ (1995).

3 Julia's lavender gown 1 3 Julia's lavender gown 2 3 Julia's lavender gown 3

Mary Crawford’s maroon military-styled Spencer, worn at Maria’s wedding, is the same costume worn by an extra in the street in Brussels in ‘Vanity Fair’ (1998) and by Amira Casar as Catherine in ‘Sharpe’s Siege’ (1996).

4 Mary's military-style spencer

The striped day dress worn by Aunt Norris is also worn by Samantha Bond as Mrs. Weston in ‘Emma’ (1996), by one of Miss Crawley’s maids at Park Lane in the street in ‘Vanity Fair’ (1998), and by Pauline Stone as Mrs. Martin to Harriet’s wedding in ‘Emma’ (2009).

5 Mrs. Norris striped day dress 1 5 Mrs. Norris striped day dress 2 5 Mrs. Norris striped day dress 3

5 Emma 1996 1 5 Emma 1996 2 5 Emma 1996 3

5 Emma 2009

The peach and aqua cape Maria wears after her wedding is worn by an extra at the wedding in Lost in Austen (2008).

6 Maria's peach and aqua cape 1 6 Maria's peach and aqua cape 2 6 Maria's peach and aqua cape 3

Mary Crawford’s gold evening gown worn to Fanny’s ball is worn by Christina Cole as Caroline Bingley in ‘Lost in Austen’ (2008).

7 Mary's gold ball gown 1 7 Mary's gold ball gown 2 7 Mary's gold ball gown 3

7 Lost in Austen 1 7 Lost in Austen 2

An extra at Fanny’s wedding wears a gray pelisse with a scalloped cape, the same costume is worn by Ann Firbank as Anne Elliot in Bath in ‘Persuasion’ (1971), by an extra in the London street in ‘Sharpe’s Justice’ (1997), and by an extra at the Cricket match in ‘Sharpe’s Waterloo’ (1997).

8 gray scalloped pelisse 1 8 gray scalloped pelisse 2

8 Persuasion 1 8 Persuasion 2 8 Persuasion 3

The lilac Spencer Mary Crawford wears to bid farewell to Fanny in the East room is worn by Amy Loughton as Miss Campbell in ‘Emma’ (2009).

9 Mary's purple spencer 1 9 Mary's purple spencer 2 9 Mary's purple spencer 3

9 Emma 2009 1 9 Emma 2009 2 9 Emma 2009 3

The sheer brown gown with red and blue dots Mary Crawford wears discussing the play with Edmund is worn by Christina Cole as Caroline Bingley playing cards at Netherfield Hall in ‘Lost in Austen’ (2008).

10 Mary's brown patterned dress 1 10 Mary's brown patterned dress 2 10 Mary's brown patterned dress 3

10 Lost in Austen 1 10 Lost in Austen 2 10 Lost in Austen 3

The black Spencer with flowers embroidered on the collar and sleeves Mary Crawford wears to walk with Fanny is worn by an extra at the wedding in ‘Pride and Prejudice’ (1995), by Natasha Little as Augusta Leigh to visit Byron at his London apartment in ‘Byron’ (2003), and by an extra in the London street when the Dashwoods arrive in London in ‘Sense & Sensibility’ (2008).

11 Mary's black jacket 1 11 Mary's black jacket 2 11 Mary's black jacket 3

11 Pride and Prejudice 1 11 Pride and Prejudice 2 11 Pride and Prejudice 3

11 Byron 1 11 Byron 2 11 Byron 3

11 Sense and Sensibility

A guest at Fanny’s ball wears a pale blue gown with gold-flowered bodice and sleeves — the same costume Doran Godwin as Emma Woodhouse wears to the Christmas party at Randalls in ‘Emma’ (1972), and Jennifer Granville as Mrs. Hurst wears Elizabeth is staying at Netherfield in ‘Pride and Prejudice’ (1980).

12 blue and gold dress 1 12 blue and gold dress 2 12 blue and gold dress 3

12 Emma 1 12 Emma 2 12 Emma 3

12 Pride and Prejudice 1 12 Pride and Prejudice 2 12 Pride and Prejudice 3

The medallion-print white muslin day dress Mrs. Grant wears at the parsonage with the Crawfords is also worn by Perdita Weeks as Lydia Bennet while sewing cushions for the church in ‘Lost in Austen’ (2008).

13 Mrs. Grant's house dress

13 Lost in Austen

The burgundy and gold evening gown Mrs. Grant wears dancing at Mansfield Park is also worn by a guest at the Netherfield Ball in ‘Lost in Austen’ (2008).

14 Mrs. Grant's evening gown

Fanny’s blue dress with the gathered bodice is also worn by Lucy Scott as Charlotte Lucas in ‘Pride and Prejudice’ (1995), Sally Hawkins as Mary Shelley in ‘Byron’ (2003), and Victoria Hamilton as Miss Granham in ‘To the Ends of the Earth’ (2005).

15 Fanny's gathered bodice dress 1 15 Fanny's gathered bodice dress 2 15 Fanny's gathered bodice dress 3

15 Pride and Prejudice 1 15 Pride and Prejudice 2 15 Pride and Prejudice 3

15 Byron 1 15 Byron 2 15 Byron 3


Disclaimer: I have not seen, nor do I recommend, all of the movies mentioned in this post.


3 comments on “Reused Costumes – 1983

  1. genusrosa says:

    Amazing–what an eye you have! Thank you for putting this together!

  2. Austenismi says:

    I love this post, this is why when I watch an Austen series there is always something that looks a bit familiar!

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